David Baker

Postdoc in NWO-OC Project

David John Baker is interested in music, theory, and the sciences. He currently works as a postdoctoral research associate as part of the Music Cognition Group at the Institute Logic, Language, and Computation at the University of Amsterdam. As an academic researcher, he investigates how tools from cognitive psychology and computational musicology can help understand cognition in ways only possible with music. Dave has a PhD from Louisiana State University in Music Theory and did his graduate minor in Cognitive and Brain Sciences. As a data scientist, he solves problems for clients who need someone who can both ask meaningful musicological questions as well as use the right technical tools to answer them. He provides both data consultancy and educational services which are run through his private, limited company. As an educator, Dave has taught classes at the university level, has worked as a lead instructor at a data science bootcamp, received certification as an RStudio tidyverse instructor, and gave one-on-one support to anyone who might need help. Besides, he currently serves as the interim chair of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition’s Anti-Racism and Equity committee, participates as a part of the WiMIR mentoring program, and serves as the Proceedings chair for the 2022 Digital Libraries for Musicology conference.

Latest publications

Li, J., Baker, D. J., Burgoyne, J. A., & Honing, H. (2023). Is Pitch Information Indispensable for Music Recognition? A Pilot Study Based on a Musical Matching Pairs Game. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, 65–71.


Pablo Dumenil
ENSEA, Paris, F2023
Caroline Kellner
Master of Logic, UvA2023
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