Last modified 22 Dec 2023

Frequently asked questions


1. I have a question on music cognition. Do you know where I can find the answer?

A blog on music cognition can be found at [6]. You might find your question (partly) answered there using the search option. Concise introductions to music cognition can be found at, e.g., [1] or [2]. For more elaborate resources see, e.g., [3], [4] or [5]. Some books on music cognition for a general audience can be found at [7], [8] or [9].


2. Can I do a course in music cognition, cognitive and/or computational musicology at the UvA?

The short answer is yes. See [10] for the main courses or the UvA Studiegids for a complete overview. Courses change slightly every year. N.B. Search for “Music Cognition”, “Cognitive Musicology”, or “Computational Musicology”. For questions related to the courses mentioned in the Studiegids, please contact the staff mentioned in there.

3. Can I do an online course in music cognition at the UvA?

There are several lectures available on Youtube: a series of five lectures (in Dutch) at Universiteit van Nederland, and several one hour lectures recorded at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Montréal, Canada and TU Delft, NL.

4. Can I do an internship at MCG?

We only have limited space for internships each year. See Internships for an overview.

5. Can I do a master project under the guidance of MCG?

We only have limited space for masterprojects each year. See Master projects for an overview.


6. How can I apply for a PhD/postdoc position at MCG?

Most PhD and Postdoc positions are part of a funded research project; These come available only once every so often. See Vacancies for an overview. More information about the PhD programme at the ILLC can be found here. N.B. There are currently no vacancies.

7. Where can I find information about the research of MCG?

See Research and Publications.

8. Where can I find information about researchers that are part of the MCG?

See People.


10. I would like to invite an MCG member for an interview. Who can I contact best?

Please contact the PA.

11. I would like to invite an MCG member for a lecture/presentation. Who can I contact best?

For scientific lectures: please contact the PA. For public lectures of Henkjan Honing contact the Speakers Academy.


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