Last modified 22 Dec 2023

About this website


The website of the Music Cognition Group has an unusually long history. Dating back to 1994, it served as the website of the Music, Mind, Machine (MMM) project until 2003. The 2003-website is archived here. After 2003 it became the website of the Music Cognition Group (MCG) at the University of Amsterdam, online from 2003 till 2023, a website that is archived here. The current website incorporates most information of both former websites, build on up-to-date technology that will make it more sustainable. Thanks to Bas Cornelissen for its careful design and implementation (more details below).


This website is built using many open source tools, but the following deserve special mention:

  • Gatsby
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Bootstrap
  • MDX
  • Unified, remark and rehype

In addition, the following software was developed specifically for this website, and has been released as open source software (MIT license):

  • gatsby-source-publications: A Gatsby source plugin that pulls publications from various sources, such as ORCID, BibTeX or DOIs. This plugin was developed for the Music Cognition Group website, and powers the publication page.
  • gatsby-source-blogger-posts: A Gatsby source plugin that fetches blogposts from Blogger, also developed for this site specifically.
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