Henkjan Honing

Professor in Music Cognition, Principal Investigator

Henkjan Honing is a professor of Music Cognition at both the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He studies what musicality is, and to what extent human beings share musicality with other animals. His aim is to define the cognitive and biological mechanisms that underpin musicality. Honing has published over 250 scientific publications in journals ranging from Computer Music Journal, Topics in Cognitive Science and Cognition to PNAS, Philosophical Transactions B. and Animal Cognition. Next to a research agenda (The Origins of Musicality, The MIT Press), he has published several books for the general public, including the English-language publications Music Cognition: The Basics (Routledge) and The Evolving Animal Orchestra (The MIT Press). Henkjan Honing's books and lectures are popular with a broad audience and are appreciated both inside and outside the scientific world.

Latest publications

Media attention

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Evolution of Language and Music
BSc Psychobiology6 ECTSCode: 5102EVTM6Y
How Music Works II: Music Cognition
MSc Brain & Cognitive Sciences (Research Master)6 ECTSCode: 5244HMWM6Y


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