Bas Cornelissen

Lecturer | PhD student at ILLC; promotors dr W. Zuidema, dr J. A. Burgoyne and prof. dr H. Honing

Bas is a lecturer and PhD student in computational musicology at the University of Amsterdam, interested in the cultural evolution of music, and how musical traditions across the world differ. Some people say 'music' should be a verb: something you do. It certainly is something Bas loves doing. During his masters he rediscovered singing and a few years later he found himself studying classical voice at Utrecht Conservatory. Despite his name, if anything, Bas is a baritone. Besides, he has worked as a graphic designer and web developer for over a decade.

Latest publications


An Introduction to Music and Cognition
BA Musicology6 ECTSCode: 115121046Y
Quantitive Methods in Musicology
BA Musicology3 ECTS
Onderzoeksproject Muziekwetenschap I
BA Musicology6 ECTSCode: 115221196Y
Onderzoeksproject Muziekwetenschap II
BA Musicology6 ECTSCode: 115221206Y
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