Closing symposium of the ABC Summer School on musicality


Hybrid | Online International Symposium

Why do we enjoy listening to sad music?

24 June 2021, 20:00-22:30 (CET)

[Organised by the Music Cognition Group, University of Amsterdam]

Psyche Loui (Northeastern University) : Panel member

Dr. Loui is a psychology and neuroscience researcher, a musician, Associate Professor of Creativity and Creative Practice at Northeastern University, and Director of the Music, Imaging, and Neural Dynamics Laboratory (MIND Lab).

Mariska Kret (Leiden University) : Panel member

Dr. Kret is Associate professor at Leiden University, aiming to get an insight into the psychological and neurophysiological underpinnings of emotions and social decisions in humans as well as in great apes.

Fleur Bouwer (University of Amsterdam) : Moderator

Dr. Bouwer is researcher and lecturer on an NWO Veni grant at the Department of Psychology, working in the Brain & Cognition program group, and is an associate member of MCG.

Diamanda Dramm  : musician / performer

Diamanda La Berge Dramm grew up in Amsterdam, the Netherlands playing the violin since the age of four. Growing up among the leading figures of the Dutch classical, avant-garde and improvisation scene, her own concerts reflect all of these elements.

David Huron  :  2021 Honorary Frijda Chair in Cognitive Science

Prof. Huron is an Academy Professor Emeritus and Arts & Humanities Distinguished Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University, where he holds joint appointments in the School of Music and in the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences.