Atser Damsma

Postdoc in UvA-ABC Project

Atser Damsma is a postdoctoral researcher in the Music Cognition Group at the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation (ILLC). His work is supported by an Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC) Project Grant in collaboration with Prof. Henkjan Honing, Dr. Fleur Bouwer and Dr. Pilou Bazin. His research interests focus on how we perceive rhythm, and how this creates expectations when we listen to music. To answer these questions, he likes to combine computational modelling with behavioural experiments and neuroimaging. He has a background in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Psychology and obtained his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Groningen in 2020, supervised by Prof. Hedderik van Rijn, Prof. Niels Taatgen and Prof. Ritske de Jong. Besides his scientific endeavours, he has been producing and performing music internationally as a keyboard player and has been collaborating on several sound art installations.

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