Following the Academy Colloquium & Master Class held in Amsterdam in June 2019, we are now poised to bring together experts in this emerging field to actively form a new international consortium on the biological basis of musicality, with a specific focus on genome-wide analyses (GWAS). The potential intersection of recent advances in genomic methods with innovative large-scale musicality phenotyping provides an important and exciting opportunity for musicality research to develop and flourish within a consortium framework. In 2020 we were set to meet in Copenhagen but this was cancelled due to Covid-19. Fortunately, in the meantime we have been working in small teams to gain momentum on new collaboration efforts. Thus, we are now at the perfect moment to gather together and solidify larger efforts.

Reyna L. Gordon, David J. Baker, Simon E. Fisher & Henkjan Honing


Last update: 2022.09.17

Musicality Genomics Consortium

MusicGens Inaugural Meeting

September 9-11, Trento, Italy