Honing, H., Bouwer, F. L., & Háden, G. F. (2014) Perceiving temporal regularity in music: The role of auditory event-related potentials (ERPs) in probing beat perception. Merchant, H., & de Lafuente, V. (Eds). Neurobiology of interval timing. pp. 305-323. Springer.


The aim of this chapter is to give an overview of how the perception of a regular beat in music can be studied in humans adults, human newborns, and nonhuman primates using event-related brain potentials (ERPs). Next to a review of the recent literature on the perception of temporal regularity in music, we will discuss in how far ERPs, and especially the component called mismatch negativity (MMN), can be instrumental in probing beat perception. We conclude with a discussion on the pitfalls and prospects of using ERPs to probe the perception of a regular beat, in which we present possible constraints on stimulus design and discuss future perspectives.

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