Desain, P. and Honing, H. (1997) Computational modeling of Rhythm perception. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Language and Music Perception France: Marseille.


This paper is a report of ongoing research on the computational modeling of beat induction. We will focus on one family of rule-based beat induction models (Longuet-Higgins and Lee, 1982; Lee, 1985; Longuet-Higgins, 1994), along with the presentation of analysis methods that allow an evaluation of these models in terms of their in- and output spaces, abstracting from internal detail. It builds on work described in (Desain and Honing, 1994; ). The present paper elaborates these methods and presents the results obtained. It will be shown that they can be used to characterize the differences between these models, a point that was difficult to assess previously. Furthermore, preliminary results of applying the method to other families of beat induction models will be presented.