Desain, P., & Honing, H. (1993). CLOSe to the edge? Multiple and mixin inheritance, multi methods, and method combination as techniques in the representation of musical knowledge. In Proceedings of the IAKTA Workshop on Knowledge Technology in the Arts. 99-106. Osaka: IAKTA/LIST.


The actual modeling of a particular aspect of musical knowledge asks for quite some flexibility during the design process. Facilities are needed that allow for an explorative construction of modular microworlds that concentrate on one aspect of the musical knowledge, and for a smooth combination of these microworlds into a complete system. One would expect, because of the enthusiastic claims made in the literature on object-oriented programming, that such an approach is ideal for the task. This paper describes some aspects of an object-oriented language that indeed provide flexibility during the design and maintenance of a complex system. Nevertheless, some problems remain, especially in the early stages of design where one likes to concentrate on the representational aspects, instead of on the restrictions of the language.

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