Desain, P., & Honing, H. (1992). Generalising generalised time functions. In Proceedings of the International workshop on models and representations of musical signals. Napels: Universitě di Napoli Federico II


In this paper a solution is presented to problems that arise when continuous control of parameters is linked to a discrete, note-based composition framework. When a control function is coupled to a note that may later change its duration or timing in a transformation, the resulting behaviour of the time function is problematic. It is often solved by introducing different primitive stretch transformations, one for each alternative. The solution we proposed is to generalise each control function to a function of more parameters - each parameter reflecting a different aspect of time. Instead of defining different transformations on a simple time function, we can now have simple transformations acting on a more complex time function. Furthermore, two further generalisations of the Generalised Time Functions proposal will be described introducing the use of structure and real-time control.

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