Coath, M., Denham, S.L., Smith, L.M., Honing, H., Hazan, A., & Purwins, H. (2009) Model cortical responses for the detection of perceptual onsets and beat tracking in singing. Connection Science. 21, 193-205


We describe a biophysically motivated model of auditory salience based on a model of cortical responses and present results that show that the derived measure of salience can be used to identify the position of perceptual onsets in a musical stimulus successfully. The salience measure is also shown to be useful to track beats and predict rhythmic structure in the stimulus on the basis of its periodicity patterns.We evaluate the method using a corpus of unaccompanied freely sung stimuli and show that the method performs well, in some cases better than state-of-the-art algorithms. These results deserve attention because they are derived from a general model of auditory processing and not an arbitrary model achieving best performance in onset detection or beat-tracking tasks.

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